When you think of television companies, DIRECTV likely comes to mind. Why is DIRECTV one of the first names you think of? Because DIRECTV is not just any television provider, it is the #1 satellite TV service in America. How does DIRECTV keep hold of the #1 spot? A perfect blend of always-helpful customer service, entertainment for all ages, and innovative technology does the trick!

DIRECTV: Entertaining millions

In the United States, more than 20 million customers enjoy DIRECTV service. This is possible because DIRECTV has such a huge reach – service is available to 100% of the U.S.

In addition, DIRECTV also offers satellite TV service to millions in Latin America, bringing the company’s total customer count to more than 30 million worldwide.

Technology and programming

DIRECTV offers a great collection of leading channels. Get more than 315 of the most popular channels at your home. With HD equipment, you can enjoy DIRECTV’s amazing hi-def entertainment. It gets even better – DIRECTV offers more full-time HD channels than any other cable or satellite TV provider, with more than 185.12

Plus, DIRECTV offers the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET package, the best way to watch football on Sunday afternoons from September through January. NFL SUNDAY TICKET includes every out-of-market game on Sundays and the ability to watch up to eight games at once. Upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX for mobile viewing, RED ZONE CHANNEL® and more. And you won’t find NFL SUNDAY TICKET or NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX with any other television provider!3

DIRECTV exclusively provides AUDIENCE™ channel, and it is the only place you’ll find the Glenn Close hit, Damages. The DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl is also shown exclusively on AUDIENCE™.

DIRECTV takes DVR equipment to the next level with the new Genie HD DVR. Genie records up to five shows at once and even makes recommendations for you based on what you already watch.4 Advanced Receiver fee applies.

Bring entertainment home with DIRECTV

DIRECTV’s satellite TV service launched in 1994, and the company has since become the largest satellite television provider in the country. It’s no surprise that you can guarantee you’ll be satisfied when you select your very own DIRECTV package.

Learn more about www.directtv.com, and see why so many millions of people choose DIRECTV for top-rated satellite TV service and home entertainment.