5 Ways to Save Money on Television

Easy Ways to Save on TV

Television is one of the best and worst things for some homeowners and, unfortunately, it can be a real cash hog – putting pressure on finances. That doesn’t mean you need to give it up altogether and below are just a couple ways you can have your cake and eat it too.

Bundle your services

Sometimes, it’s cheaper to consolidate multiple bills into on monthly payment. This is called bundling and, for a lot of people, it makes more sense – from a financial standpoint – to put the phone, internet and television on one bill instead of paying three separate ones each month. money

Depending on your service providers and your use, you might even find that bundling will get you better service at a better price. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to remember paying one bill each month instead of three.

Cancel premium channels

When it comes to saving money on your television service, there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water – not when simply canceling premium channels might make all the difference in the world. Let’s be honest, not everyone needs a 24/7 movie channel or access to all those high-budget dramas.

There are also cheaper alternatives to accessing these things, as well, including streaming services. If the television service is hurting your funds, don’t panic – you might just need to trim it down.

Shop around for service providers

Obviously, no matter how much you cut back on a service, it still might not be worth the price of admission. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go without television. There are quite a few providers out there on the market so shop around.

We mentioned bundling, earlier, and some of those money-saving bundles can actually come standard with other services. Just pay careful attention when you shop around, make sure that the price that looks good to you is the price you’re getting in the long-run and not a promotional feature.

Save money on your equipment

Television equipment can be very expensive and, unfortunately, you won’t find too many service providers out there that don’t come with a box or receiver you need to buy. However, you should always take account of just how much television you watch and where. digital broadcasting cable receiver

For example, you might have a two-floor home, but the only place anyone watches television is in the family room. If that’s the case, you only really need to be paying for one receiver – not two. You should also see about downgrading your DVR if you don’t normally take advantage of all the bells and whistles like recording and storage.

Don’t forget about streaming services

And, of course, there are streaming services as well. These are sites and apps for services like Netflix, Hulu and Crackle that allow you to stream movies and television shows. Most of these offer decent monthly rates and, as long as you don’t care about when you get to see a show, they can save you hundreds.

Going full internet is another option as well, since a lot of these services can be accessed online. There are lots of other ways you can save money on television without giving it up. So, the next time you get a bill from your service provider, and it seems a bit much, look around – it might be time for a change.