DIRECTV vs. DISH: Which is America’s Favorite Satellite TV Provider?

Satellite TV has plenty of advantages over cable TV, including availability and technology. But not all satellite television providers can offer what you’re looking for. Which offers the best deals and savings? Which provider has all the channels you love? Delve into the differences and see which provider takes the lead when you compare DISH Network vs. DIRECTV.

Satellite TV customers

DIRECTV and DISH Network control the satellite TV market, but only one takes the title of America’s #1 satellite TV service. That title has been earned and reinforced by DIRECTV, as the company continues to hold the top spot.

DIRECTV supplies satellite TV service to more than 20 million customers across the United States. DISH has around 14 million customers.

Do more with a DVR from DIRECTV

DISH has the Hopper – which is cool – but it doesn’t have the innovation and technology that DIRECTV’s Genie offers. Both DVR systems are advanced and impressive, but only one of them is Genie. Compare the Hopper and Genie, and see how DIRECTV’s DVR takes the top spot.

  • Both the Hopper and Genie offer what feels like limitless recording space. Record much more programming than ever imaginable with a cable DVR.
  • With DISH, you can record up to six live channels at once, but that’s only during primetime hours. Any other time, you can only record two shows at once. With DIRECTV, you can record up to five programs all the time, anytime.
  • DISH’s Hopper allows you to ‘hop’ over the commercials automatically – but only during primetime, and only on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.
  • DIRECTV’s Genie makes TV even more enjoyable by giving you customized recommendations for new shows to watch. Genie will look at the shows you usually watch and then list shows you might like. Opt in to have Genie automatically record entire series for you. DISH’s Hopper can’t do anything like Genie’s recommend feature.
  • When considering the DVR equipment from DISH vs. DIRECTV, Genie takes the lead. The equipment offers a lot of similar capability, but having recommended programming delivered straight to your DVR makes Genie even more useful.

Full-time HD channels

Whether you’re comparing DISH Network vs. DIRECTV or satellite TV vs. cable TV, DIRECTV is the full-time HD leader. DIRECTV offers more than 200 full-time HD channels, more than any other cable or satellite television provider. You won’t see that much 24/7 high-definition programming with any other satellite or cable company.1

Ultimate NFL coverage, only with DIRECTV

If you can’t wait until Sunday and the first kickoff of the day, you’ll love NFL SUNDAY TICKET. The football-filled package is available only to DIRECTV customers, and includes every out-of-market game played each Sunday during the season. Put eight different games on your TV at one time, pleasing every fan in the house. Track your favorite players from week 1 to 17, no matter what team they end up on this year. And all of this is only found with DIRECTV.2

Which do you choose? DIRECTV vs. DISH: The final decision.

If you’ve said no to cable and want satellite TV, compare DISH vs. DIRECTV. If you want the leading satellite TV, the most advanced DVR system, the most full-time HD channels and the most movies, you need DIRECTV.

Choose the best satellite TV company today. Call now to pick out your DIRECTV® package and bring an action-packed, entertainment-filled service to your family today.