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Is 3-D TV Here to Stay?

3-D TVs exploded in popularity for a little while, and it seemed like they were poised to become the next big thing. Now that the initial novelty has worn off a little, though, it’s unclear whether or not there will continue to be strong demand for the technology. There are plenty of people who love nothing better than watching movies and TV shows in 3-D, and many folks like to play video games in 3-D too. Still, for the vast majority of people, 3-D just isn’t that big a deal.

Glasses are a Problem

Many people are put off by the concept of 3-D television because they don’t want to wear special glasses. It’s one thing to don the glasses for a single movie but quite another to have to slip them on whenever you watch TV at home. Autostereoscopy, which refers to 3-D viewing that doesn’t require the use of special glasses, is available. However, it hasn’t been adopted by most 3-D TV manufacturers. That’s probably because the whole 3-D thing is fizzling out. Manufacturers don’t see the point in spending extra money on this kind of technology if consumers aren’t demanding it.

3-D TV Usage

Among those who have 3-D capable televisions, very few use the 3-D feature regularly. It tends to be one of those things that is exciting and neat at first but quickly stops being a huge draw. Of course, that’s not a problem as long as the TV is otherwise a good model. Not surprisingly, most TVs that offer 3-D capabilities are also highly advanced in other ways, so it’s not like people who purchased 3-D TVs are missing out on any truly innovative features.

Is it Worth It?

Right when the technology first became widely available, 3-D TVs were hot sellers. Now that people have encountered them in daily life, the excitement has faded. That’s not to say that no one wants 3-D TVs anymore. There are still plenty of people who will get a lot of enjoyment out of the technology. Before investing in a 3-D TV, which is likely to cost more than a standard HDTV, ask yourself how often you really plan to take advantage of the feature. Even if it’s only going to be for certain movies, it may turn out to be worth it.

Will it Become Standard?

It’s unlikely that 3-D TV technology is going to go away. It will probably be here in some form for a long time to come. If anything, it may simply become a somewhat standard feature. Some people will make regular use of it while others will never bother. All of this depends on consumer demand, and right now that demand appears to be waning. If more advances are made in 3-D viewing technology, however, it could experience another major surge in popularity. For now, if you want to enjoy 3-D viewing at home, you can easily find a TV that will accommodate you.