kids watching tv

Is 3D TV Safe for Children?

3D technology is exciting for many people, but some parents are concerned about whether or not it is safe for their children to enjoy this popular form of viewing. Although it is a good thing for parents to be concerned about the safety of their children, however, experts agree that 3D television is just as safe as 2D TV for both adults and children.

Is There a Seizure Risk?

Many parents worry that their children are at a greater risk of seizures when watching 3D television, but this shouldn’t be a concern with most children. Children who suffer from epilepsy or who are otherwise more prone to seizures, however, should exercise extreme caution when watching TV. This is true in all cases, however, and the risk of seizure is no greater when a child watches 3D television than it is with 2D TV.

Moderation is Important

It is important for parents to limit the amount of time that their children spend watching television in any case, not just with 3D TV. Experts say that the limitations should not be different between one type of TV and another, but children shouldn’t watch TV for more than one or two hours per day on most days. If kids will be watching TV more than that, it is important for them to take breaks. Overall, however, watching any form of television for long periods of time is more associated with things like a lack of physical activity or weight gain more than other issues.

At What Age Can Children Start Watching 3D TV?

Children as young as six to 12 months old often have well-developed binocular vision, and children who are as young as three years old can generally enjoy 3D programming and movies. Those who are younger than three can still watch 3D television without any risk of harm, but they might not be able to enjoy the view as well as older children with more developed vision.

Overall, experts agree that 3D television does not pose a risk for adults or children of any age any more than 2D television does, which is exciting news for families who want to bring 3D technology into their homes.