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Our frequently asked questions

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How does mobile viewing work?

DIRECTV App makes it simple for you to watch TV shows and movies on your favorite devices, anywhere, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Use the DIRECTV App on your tablet or smartphone, then browse for shows or movies. Click the Watch Now button, and begin watching your selection!1

Will I have to pay to watch DIRECTV on my smartphone, laptop or tablet?

You won’t have to pay extra to use the DIRECTV App. The feature is included for all DIRECTV customers. Most On Demand options are free to watch online. Even premium shows and movies are free, as long as you’re subscribed to these channels in your DIRECTV package. Additional fee applies for new releases.

If you want to watch the very latest releases from DIRECTV On Demand, you’ll have to pay to rent these.2 When you click the Watch Now button, a price will show up, and you can choose to purchase the movie. Watch the movie whenever you want during your 48-hour rental.

How many shows can I record at the same time?

With DIRECTV’s Genie, you can record up to five programs at one time.3 Remember when you had to compromise and make deals with your family about who would get to record their show each week? You won’t have to worry about begging to record something anymore when you can record as many as five shows or movies all at the same time.

What happens to my DIRECTV service if I’m moving?

No worries – you can easily and conveniently take your DIRECTV service to your new home when you move. DIRECTV even offers a deal to qualified customers when they move. Check out the DIRECTV Movers Deal™ and see if you can take advantage of this great offer.

Can I order NFL SUNDAY TICKET or upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX after the season starts?

Yes – after football season starts, you can still add NFL SUNDAY TICKET to your DIRECTV subscription. If you don’t decide to purchase the package until late in the season, you could order it at a discounted price. Just make sure to order before playoffs begin!

Can I watch NFL SUNDAY TICKET on my laptop?

Mobile viewing on your laptop, tablet or smartphone is available only in the upgraded NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX package.4 With the upgrade, you’ll receive mobile viewing, plus RED ZONE CHANNEL®5 and Short Cuts.6

What HD channels will I get with DIRECTV?

DIRECTV, offers more full-time HD channels than any other cable or satellite TV providers – more than 200 full-time HD channels. The specific channels you’ll see depends on which DIRECTV subscription you have.7

Plus, DIRECTV offers more movies in stunning 1080p quality, the same format used for Blu-ray™ discs.8

Can I change my DIRECTV package once I’m already a customer?

Yes – with your online DIRECTV account, you can change your package anytime. Just sign in, go to the My Programming Page and find the Change Package section. Browse your options and pick out your new package. Remember to check the channel lineup to make sure your favorite channels are included in your new choice.

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