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Premium movie channels keep the hits coming

Must-see entertainment never stops when you’ve got premium movie channels from DIRECTV. Get networks such as HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME® and Cinemax® for around-the-clock movies and shows that you won’t see on any other network.

Add any of these leading networks to your DIRECTV® subscription for even better home entertainment!

  • HBO®: HBO® is America’s favorite premium network, and you’ll get 11 channels of nonstop action. See everything from family-friendly movies to heart-stopping thrillers, plus some of your old favorite movies and the biggest original series. It’s an amazing collection of brand new and older movies, all for an affordable monthly price. Plus, you can check out HBO GO® on your laptop or smartphone when you’re not at home.
  • STARZ®: The STARZ® Super Pack includes the STARZ® collection, plus the ENCORE® series of channels. See more than a thousand different movies each month, plus original STARZ® and ENCORE® series.
  • SHOWTIME®: SHOWTIME® is home to some of the biggest shows, including Dexter, Shameless, Homeland and House of Lies. Plus, see the newest and biggest hit movies, and check out some old favorites. Whether you’re looking for action, horror, romance or family films, SHOWTIME® has a winning collection of movies.
  • Cinemax®: Cinemax® premieres new movies each Saturday night, so you can spend your weekends relaxing on the couch with a guaranteed fresh film to watch. Get eight movie-filled channels, all in stunning HD, and enjoy more than a thousand new movies throughout the year.

Whether you love comedies or dramas or mysteries, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you order premium movie channels from DIRECTV.

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