DIRECTV technology: Enjoy advanced equipment and more

Are you all about the latest gadgets? If you’re a tech savvy television lover, DIRECTV® technology is sure to impress and amaze you.

From equipment to programming, you’ll find the latest television technology with DIRECTV. No other cable or satellite TV provider can beat these impressive advances you’ll have access to when you choose DIRECTV.

Impressive technology from DIRECTV takes your TV experience up a notch

DIRECTV is a forerunner when it comes to the latest TV technology, and you can count on always having the latest equipment and programming. Television is anything but ordinary when you have DIRECTV delivering the shows you want to watch and the technology that pushes TV into the future.

Mobile Apps

Download the DIRECTV mobile apps to watch shows and movies on your tablet or phone. Open the app and set your DVR to record a show even when you’re miles away from the house. Get the DIRECTV™ iPad® App and Phone App and it’s easier than ever to watch the TV shows you want to see.


With the DIRECTV App you can catch up on shows and movies using your phone, laptop or tablet, wherever you are and even watch select channels live right on your iPad® from anywhere in your home.1

DIRECTV HD On-Screen Guide

Have you ever missed a show because you didn’t know it was on or you couldn’t find the right channel soon enough? The exceptional HD DIRECTV guide makes finding your show faster and easier so you won’t miss anything. Search in seconds, scroll through channels in no time, save your favorite channels for convenient access and more.


If you’re looking for more HD, DIRECTV is your dream-come-true HD hotspot. No other television provider offers more 24/7 HD channels than DIRECTV – no one beats this amazing collection of more than 200 full-time HD channels.2

Advanced DIRECTV hardware

When you order a DIRECTV package, you can choose Genie, the latest and most innovative DVR. In addition to recording shows and movies in HD, Genie makes your TV dreams come true by recommending programs to you based on what you already watch. Genie automatically saves these shows to your DVR hard drive and you’ll find a list of shows you might like, available to watch any time you want.

The latest TV technology can be yours with DIRECTV

Whether you order the family-packed ENTERTAINMENT package or the TV fanatic’s favorite PREMIER™ package, DIRECTV technology will take your television experience to the next level. From the beautiful HD quality picture to the impressive DIRECTV hardware, this technology is sure to please your family.

Call today to learn more about DIRECTV technology and packages, and pick out your ideal entertainment package. See how much you could save on a DIRECTV package, and see how much you’ll enjoy TV again with America’s #1 satellite TV service and the unrivaled advancements available to you. Order your package and get started today with DIRECTV!