How do I watch 3D programming at home?

It’s not just for a trip to the movie theater any more – 3D television is now available on your living room TV. Plunge into movies, sports and TV shows all in incredible 3D without leaving the comfy spot on your couch.

Follow these simple steps to watch 3D television from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Get the Required 3D Equipment

Firstly, you will need all of the proper equipment. Most importantly, this includes a 3D-capable television and 3D glasses. Without a compatible television, you won’t be able to access your provider’s 3D programming. You will also need an HD receiver, as this type of advanced receiver is required for 3D viewing. Finally, you need and HDMI cable to connect your 3DTV and your various home theater components.

Step 2: Set Up Your 3D TV Service

In addition to your physical equipment, you will also need television service that offers 3D TV programming.  Once your TV service has been installed, either you or your installer can use your HDMI cable to connect your HD receiver to your 3D television. Additionally, it is a good idea to connect your HD DVR receiver to the Internet so you can access more 3D programming. When you have both Internet and television service in your home, you can enjoy 3D On Demand movies in addition to other 3D programming.

Step 3: Enjoy 3D Entertainment!

Once you have your equipment and set up completed, it’s time to enjoy 3D entertainment! Some great 3D channels include:

  • n3D™: Check your TV guide to find times and programming available on n3D™, an exclusive DIRECTV 3D channel. See shows about nature, art, music, sports and more in eye-popping 3D.
  • 3net: 3net is presented by Sony Corporation, Discovery Communications and IMAX Corporation. DIRECTV is the first TV provider to offer access to this incredible 3D channel. See family-friendly animated movies, adventure across the African waterhole and travel to the Great Barrier Reef, see historical features about ancient Chinese and Aztec cultures – all in beautiful 3D. Explore your DIRECTV 3D channels for a blend of favorite movies, original series and live sports in stunning high-quality 3D.
  • ESPN 3D: Exciting sports action gets even better when you watch it in 3D! You will feel like you are right in the middle of the game when you watch your favorite teams compete on the ESPN 3D channel.

In addition to great 3D shows on the above channels and more, there are also many 3D movies you can enjoy at home. Watch these using On Demand service and you will feel like you are getting the total movie theater experience.