Enhance your home entertainment with the DIRECTV mobile app

Remember the last time you said in a waiting room – maybe it before a dentist appointment or while your car was being repaired. If you had to wait for any amount of time, you likely looked through old magazines and had nothing to do after five minutes of sitting there. If only you had something more exciting to do to make your wait go faster. With the DIRECTV® app on your smartphone, you could entertain yourself with TV shows and movies, wherever you are!

See how the DIRECTV app will make your television experience better than ever before. There’s always something to watch when you can carry entertainment around in your smartphone or tablet. Apps are currently available for smartphones, iPads® and now Kindle Fire, too.

DIRECTV™ iPad® App

The DIRECTV App for your iPad® is sure to be your new favorite application. Enjoy advanced technology and impressive programming with just a tap. See what’s on TV, watch TV, set your DVR and so much more.

  • The iPad® App is perfect to help fill the time when you’re sitting in a waiting room or relaxing by your neighborhood pool. Access a collection of thousands of shows and movies, including the latest releases with DIRECTV On DEMAND.
  • The DIRECTV mobile app makes TV truly mobile – stream select channels live on your iPad® from any room in your home. Currently, you can watch USA™, Cartoon Network™, FX®, Syfy, BBC America, AMC℠, TNT™, MLB Network™, NBA TV and more, live on your iPad®.
  • Personalize a list of the channels you love, and see what’s on them quickly.
  • Use your iPad® like a second remote to control your TV. Change channels, adjust the volume, pause and rewind TV and set your DVR to record just by tapping on your tablet.
  • Check your DVR playlist to see everything you’ve recorded and edit your recordings easily.
  • Want to make sure your kids aren’t watching inappropriate shows or movies? Set parental controls to create a safe television setting for your children.

The DIRECTV™ iPad® App gives you more control over how and where you watch TV. You’ll love all of these features and more! Download your free DIRECTV mobile app now and explore everything you can do with just a tap.

Phone App

With the DIRECTV App for your phone, you’ll be entertained wherever you go. Download the app to your smartphone and enjoy many of the same features available on the DIRECTV™ iPad® App. What can you do with the DIRECTV Phone App?

  • If you’re running late and it’s almost time for your favorite show to start, your DIRECTV App saves the day. Just pull out your smartphone to set your DVR, no matter how many miles away from home you are.
  • Access DIRECTV on DEMAND wherever you are, and watch the biggest hit movies on your phone.
  • Stream live TV on your phone from anywhere in your house.

Currently, streaming is only available on the iPhone and Android phones. Check back soon to see if streaming capability is added for your smartphone.

Get the DIRECTV mobile app for convenient TV viewing

Enjoy DIRECTV service even more with the DIRECTV App – you’ll love how accessible TV becomes when you can watch right on your phone or tablet. Download your app for FREE today to set your DVR from anywhere and to stream shows and movies. Call today to learn about more great deals and ways to save on your DIRECTV service.

With DIRECTV, you’ll see more of the sports, shows and movies you love, and entertainment will be more convenient than ever. Check out DIRECTV’s impressive technologies and see why you’ve chosen America’s #1 satellite TV service.